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Mark Texeira

Fine art painter and comic illustrator, Mark Texeira has long been associated with a conflagration of characters ranging from Ghost Rider to Black Panther to Wolverine to Sabertooth to Moonknight to Punisher goes on and on... His body of work over the last 30 years has been both volumous and astounding.

His work has been explored and highlighted on the DVD of the "Ghost Rider" movie, the look of which he influenced. Mark was also tapped to do the movie tie-in for "Wolverine Origins," which also  seemed to be a natural!

One of New York City's own, Mark "Tex" Texeira was born amongst a concret jungle and the confines of steel, finding himself indoors more often than not, as a child, and escaping via his imagination by  drawing pictures. That imagination taking him to locals far beyond the skyscrapers around him.

Mark attributes an all important Junior High School teacher, Ms. Honest, with guiding him to study at the famous Art & Design High School in Manhattan, which boasts alumni such as Tony Bennett, Harvey Firestein, Steve Asell, Eric Valazquez, Neal Adams and Willie Low, among many others.

Later, under the guidance of painters Max Ginsburg and Irwin Greenberg, Mark was granted the Presidential Scholarship at S.V.A.  Later, he honed his craft even more by  studying under portrait painter David Leffel at the Art Students League. It wasn't long before Mark won mentions at the Salmagundi Club and Society of Illustrators for his oil paintings, which sparked interest and work in the form of cover assignments for books, magazines and record albums involving such properties as Remo Williams, Buckaroo Banzai and Public Enemy.

Some of his continuing clients include:  New York Magazine; Scholastic Books; MCI Records; Def Jam Records; Marvel Entertainment; D.C. Publications; Harris Publications; Wizards Of The Coast; Wizard Magazine; Image Publications; Black Bull Entertainment; Continuity Associates; and Fleer/Skybox International.

Recently returned from a signing tour in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Mark was honored this year with a gallery show at Manhattan's prestigious Society of Illustrators--a true milestone for this accomplished artist as his work occupied space with Rochwell, Lyndecker, Flagg and Parrish.

Barring traveling to see his work at the next gallery show, you can find Texeira's interiors currently on Ghost Rider, MoonKnight, Wolverine Origins and the an upcoming Punisher mini-series, all showcasing the signature Texeira style.

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(Photo by Luigi Novi)

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